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Building a better community together!

What's the goal?

Better Community
Better Neighbors

We're talking to all neighbors to learn more on what needs to be done within the community.

We are launching Hello Neighbor a platform that connects the communities input into a collective platform where we can resolve to take action through guided discussions. We will be focusing on outreach to begin a conversation individually with residents, workers or anyone who’s had a history within Koreatown. If we all talk about the issues we have together we can find common ground to resolve and work on the next bigger issue. Individually it’s much more difficult to create change but collectively we can have a bigger impact.

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We’re Nearly Ready
to launch


We'll spend time going around the community visitings neighbors at home.

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We'll be posting flyers at various locations to ensure visibility of our message at anytime of day in different locations to reach all.


We have a community forum, social media, online chat and much more so you can communicate throughout the community.


Community Council.

We're ensuring we have representation in all communities. It's why we have a requirement of having 32 council members for Koreatown. Representation from various demographics in our neighborhood using Census data and requests.

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We're ensuring everyone has the ability to communicate through online, offline & local options. This helps us ensure we take proactive action rather than reactive action.

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Outreach Alliance

We're building an alliance called, Koreatown Outreach Alliance also called KOA. This alliance is represented through various individuals from organizations, businesses, community leaders, neighbors and more.

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Community Plan

This is how we will break our progress.

Stage 01


Stage 02


Stage 03


Road Map

We don't work on fixed deadlines. We instead work on phases but this is a general timeline on how we will do outreach.

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